How to make a Free Shipping Popup

Jonathan Roque

Jonathan Roque

A new customer of yours has finally made it to the checkout cart of your Shopify store! You’ve almost made a sale, until they see the final shipping costs and suddenly one of two things will most likely happen. Either they annoyingly click purchase, wondering why the brand didn’t offer free shipping after all the items they bought. Or they simply second guess their decision and abandon their shopping cart altogether.

As more ecommerce brands catch on, “free shipping” is a great incentive for first-time or returning customers. We are seeing “free shipping” being advertised across Shopify stores, more through popups! It’s an enticing way to get customers to click purchase once all items have been calculated in their cart. After all, over 50% of abandoned shopping carts are due to extra or unexpected shipping costs.

Offering “free shipping” is half the battle in gaining new and returning customers. Your different channels of getting this offer in front of your shoppers can be effective through a popup. A popup is the most effective way of getting it in front of the eyes of those visiting your website. Through Easypop, you can create several types of free shipping popups that will convert new users and guide them into making their purchases.

Depending on your campaign goal, a free shipping popup can be depending on when you want to introduce the incentive to your customers and where. The best popup campaigns will speak to your customers individually while providing value. Here are a few ways brands on Shopify are using “free shipping” popups.

1. Full screen popups: 

Full screen campaigns are effective when you take into account timing and content. Full screen campaign popups can be triggered after certain a number of seconds when a visitor is on your page. This will enable the popup to take up the entire screen, and display your “free shipping” content for your visitors. This will also give you the option to create a call-to-action button on the screen.

full screen free shipping popup for shopify

2. Cart progress bar: 

This is the most effective popup campaign to advertise your “free shipping.” The cart progress bar is triggered after items in the cart are valued at greater than $10. If you are offering “free shipping” above a certain amount at checkout, this is a great way to visually allow customers to see how far away they are from receiving “free shipping.” The popup will display the incentive, in this case, “free shipping” and a description.

cart progress popup for shopify

3. Floating box campaign 

This popup is a great way to display a simple message after customers have been scrolling your website. It can be a good way to remind your customers of your promotion, special deals and that you offer “free shipping.” You can create different variations of this campaign and the triggers, depending on your campaign goal.

floating box popup campaign for shopify screenshot

A few things to keep in mind when creating your “free shipping” popup campaigns are to ensure your call-to-action buttons are effective and communicate clearly, what you are offering and what the customer can expect when clicking on your popup. A well-designed popup will complement your customer’s experience on your Shopify store and will not interrupt their shopping experience. Focus on strategy and data for your popup by looking at who your customers are, the target audience, and how they like their shopping experience. This will help when determining when and where your popup will appear:

  • How many seconds should my popup appear?
  • Where should I remind my customers of the “free shipping?”
  • What type of popup will my customers love?


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