Introducing Easypop: our brand-new Shopify application

Thomas Kimura

Thomas Kimura

On the Shopify store, there are  643 different popup application options. So, you might think that introducing another popup application to the Shopify store is a crazy decision. (Honeslty, you might even be right but we’re doing it anyways)


The all-in-one solution

Many stores on Shopify end up using 2-5 different apps. A Shopify store usually has an upsell popup app, social proof popups, newsletter popups, and many others. That means having to find all these apps, view the features to ensure it accomplishes all that you need, learn each function and pay a monthly fee for each app. Our core focus in building Easypop is to create an all-in-one solution that’s modular and flexible. We want to give merchants the ability to quickly and easily manage all their on-site marketing from a single dashboard.


Minimal and Beautiful

Easypop is beautiful by default! We’ve purposely stripped back the design options so you don’t have to sort through hundreds of templates. We’re using a minimal aesthetic so your campaigns look incredible out of the box. This makes it simple for merchants to create and design their campaigns. The clean and minimal popups will elevate your Shopify site while fitting seamlessly into your existing branding. 


Performance Optimized

We know how important it is to have a well-optimized Shopify site and the effects it can bring. According to Shopify, “Online stores can expect 35% of total traffic to come from search engine results pages. Site optimization factors everything from content, to site speed to user experience. We know speed matters, and for ecommerce brands, a few seconds can have a huge impact. That’s why we’ve made sure to optimize Easypop to reduce performance impacts and improve user experience.


How it works

Easypop includes three different campaign components:

  • Content type (what kind of campaign you want to run)
  • Style templates (how you want your campaign to look)
  • And conditions (when and where to show the campaign)

Each component works together to create a full campaign. By splitting the campaign creation into these three components we’re able to give you full control and flexibility to create the exact campaign you need.


What are my content type options?

When you install Easypop, your campaign type options will show up first.

Easypop includes a handful of campaign types (with more coming soon).

  • Newsletter (obviously we made a newsletter type)
  • Standard message
  • Mini message
  • Cart progress bar
  • Product feed
  • Single product
  • Custom HTML


A newsletter campaign created through the Easypop.A newsletter campaign created through the Easypop.

What’s even more exciting about Easypop is we’ve built the app to be completely modular which allows us to add and extend the functionality further. With that being said, we plan to build out a larger catalog of content types in the coming months.

You can expect Easypop to be updated with more content types. We already have a long list that we will be working on such as age verification, postal code verification, blog post, scratch and save, geo-redirection, SMS collection, and many more coming soon.


What are the style template options in Easypop?

After choosing your content type, your style template will appear. This is where the magic happens. Right now, Easypop has five style templates.

  • Modal - This is the standard popup box that appears throughout most ecommerce sites. This popup appears in the center with a blurred overlay.
  • Fullscreen - This popup is great to put all the attention on your campaign and block content on a specific page.
  • Drawer - The drawer is a favourite used throughout Shopify stores and works great on mobile.
  • Message Box - The message box sits in the bottom corner and reminds the visitor of a special deal or important message. It’s great to guide your visitors to a specific point of your site.
  • Floating Banner - The floating banner is a small banner that can be used to show cookie or privacy policy notes or shipping and delivery details.


An Easpop campaign featuring a product feed that is used as an upsell.An Easpop campaign featuring a product feed that is used as an upsell.


The benefits of conditions options

Conditions in Easypop are used to trigger your campaign settings and customize where and when your campaign will appear. For example, you can display a campaign when someone scrolls through 50% of a specific page. You could even go a step further and only show a campaign to customers who have $10 in their cart and have been on a page for more than 30 seconds. All customizable to fine-tune the delivery of your popup.


An Easypop campaign using the cart progress bar.An Easypop campaign using the cart progress bar.


How our past experience has influenced our approach to Easypop

We have been working in the Shopify space for 7 years and have seen the various apps Shopify merchants are using. We have seen the growth ecommerce has had and how wide the gap is in the app store to deliver a true single app solution for on-page marketing. We have also learned a lot from our Shopify clients on what features they are looking for in a solution. Easypop was created with our past client and user experiences in mind.


Is this what you need?

Right now, you can install Easypop and try the app out completely free.

If you have thoughts to share, want to connect or want a discount for any of our paid plans (we’re only offering discounts for early adopters, so get on board while you can) hit me up on Twitter 👇