Popups for Shopify: Easypop Features

Jonathan Roque

Jonathan Roque

Let’s be real, popups have a bad rep. A bad popup can be annoying and honestly just get in the way of your shopping experience. But when it really comes down to it, a great popup can not only guide your visitors to great products, but actually convert to sales. Having a popup that works amazing will make a shopping experience memorable and easy for your new and returning customers. According to Shopify, “57% of consumers are willing to shop at new brands or stores for the first time,” first impression is everything.

Though there are tons of great Shopify apps that solve a hyper-specific problem, we built Easypop as a suite to turn your website into an amazing shopping experience. We built Easypop to truly tell you it is the last popup app you will ever need. The problem with popups is that they are bad popups, not the popups themselves. Here are five key features of Easypop that will make your Shopify store a top experience for customers.

1. Style templates: 

An effective pop up focuses on the user experience and that means the style of the popup. Easypop focuses on four style templates to grab your customers attention and guide your customers to your products or fill out a form. Depending on the campaign goals, each style can deliver something different for your Shopify store.

  • Standard modal - A centered popup over a blurred background
  • Slide-in drawer - A window that slides into view (from top, bottom, left, or right)
  • Floating box - A fixed window that remains visible while scrolling
  • Fullscreen popup - A popup that covers the entire screen

easypop popup image

2. Customization:

Customization is a key feature when using Easypop. There’s nothing worse than popups that are flashy, interrupt the on-site user experience, and overall does not provide any value to the Shopify store and customers. There are three main components to build the structure of your campaigns. Content, style, and conditions. These can be combined to create thousands of different campaigns. All the campaigns you want to create are simple and headache-free.

3. Conditions:

Conditions in Easypop are used to control where and when your campaign is used. This is where you have the ultimate control of where, when, and how your popup gets to be displayed on your Shopify site.  As an editor, you can edit and create campaigns from popups to slide-outs to widgets, and banners.

  • URL - target customers on a specific page.
  • Cart size - target customers by the number of items in their cart
  • Cart value - target customers by the total value of items in their cart
  • Product in cart - target customers based on specific products in their cart
  • Time on page - target customers by time spent on any page
  • Exit intent - target customers who are likely to leave your site
  • Scroll depth - target customers who have scrolled down to a certain point down the page


4. Site optimization

You may have heard of SEO and related terms like “google” and “organic traffic,” the truth is, yes, SEO has an effect on your Shopify store and can be an important marketing channel for growth and revenue. According to Shopify, “Online stores can expect 35% of total traffic to come from search engine results pages.”

SEO is related to everything on your site from product descriptions to the content on your website to site speed. Easypop built the ability for your campaigns to work seamless on your Shopify store and accomplish your goals without reducing your websites loading time and speed.

5. Call to action 

A successful popup campaign is nothing without good content and an even greater call to action. Through all the customization, Easypop allows editors to create call-to-action buttons that target the campaign’s goals. This can be converting new people to customers, upsell through coupons, getting users to sign up for a newsletter or discount, and overall targets any goals your ecommerce site sets out to accomplish.

Though there are tons of great Shopify apps that solve a hyper-specific problem, Easypop is truly the last “popup” app you’ll ever need. Its focus is on minimal design to accomplish ecommerce goals, allow anyone to create multiple campaigns, and overall truly be an all-in-one app that sets your Shopify site up for success. Popups have a bad reputation but an effective popup will make your shopper’s experience memorable.

Try Easypop for free and get started on creating your best campaigns.