What is a purposely minimal and opinionated design?

Jonathan Roque

Jonathan Roque

It is estimated that the human brain makes about 35,000 choices per day on everything from food choices to whether or not you decided to read this blog post! Add on top of that, decisions on your business and you quickly realize some things are better automated.

Minimalism is key when creating and designing popups for your Shopify store, which is why Easypop’s design is purposely minimal and an opinionated design.

What is an opinionated design?

Opinionated designs are those “where decisions have been made for the user and fewer options are available for making changes.” Essentially it relieves the Shopify merchant from making another decision and allows them to focus on their core business. Opinionated designs are super simple to use and suggest the best way to use a certain product while allowing users to use the features right out of the box.

Purposely minimal: Easypop’s widget designs are very simple to use with features working right at install. Campaigns are easy to create in just a few clicks with no coding necessary. Customers don’t need to overthink and customize a lot because each design template is already created for easy use.

minimal popup for shopify stores

Compared to other popup tools and apps, there are big learning curves with apps that are highly customizable. Yes, you might be able to customize a tool but with all the decisions into coding, how the design will look, and testing on your site, that could take days or weeks depending on which campaign you might be running, ultimately delaying your site.

Shopify uses the same purposely minimal and opinionated design approach with their checkout page. Their checkout cart page is designed in a simple way to check out your purchases and locks the design, so merchants are not able to customize or add anything extra. Shopify has decided to give you exactly what you need. Many small and medium-sized businesses pride themselves on providing a great customer experience, so an app that works exactly how you need it without any fuss or problems is always a great solution.

shopify checkout cart page

We keep the design options super simple. This is done on purpose so customers don’t have to overthink or worry about making things look good. It’s one less decision to be made, and an added value to your Shopify site.

To learn more about how to make popups the correct way and explore more ideas on certain campaigns, visit us at Easypop and try the app free for 7 days.